Meet Carli Sterling: Senior Development Manager

Meet Carli!

A native of Utica, Carli began her career with United Way MV in September 2016 as a Development Coordinator. She’s been involved in nonprofit work for 11 years, and now oversees the Resource Development team while also leading United Way’s affinity group for young professionals in the Mohawk Valley, Emerging Leader United (ELU).  

United Way is a leading problem solver, innovator, and connector in the Mohawk Valley. Carli says, “I would say I am a connector both by nature and in my role at United Way. Through Resource Development, I work hard to connect donors to United Way and causes they feel passionate about, and to connect young professionals with United Way, with each other and with volunteer opportunities.”  

Before Carli began working for United Way, she was introduced to the organization through a volunteer opportunity, United Way’s Day of Action. “In 2015, I was asked to volunteer for Day of Action, United Way’s largest volunteer project each year. I painted over graffiti in a park in 

Utica. Following the project, I had the opportunity to chat with another employee of United Way about what they do. To be honest I knew a little bit about United Way but did not have a full understanding of everything they did. After that conversation, I was SO impressed. I actually said to the employee that invited me to volunteer “I want your job!” A year later, she reached out to me that she was leaving United Way and encouraged me to apply. Fast forward 4 years I am still here and think I have the best job!” says Carli.  

When asked why she likes to work for United Way, Carli says “I enjoy being part of real change in my community.” Her favorite thing about her career is talking to people that care about the Mohawk Valley community and making it a better place every day and her favorite project at United Way has been her role in the development and expansion of ELU. ELU is currently accepting applications for committee members! If you are interested in becoming a member of ELUs Develop or Connect committee, learn more here.  

Some fun facts about Carli are:  

  • She not only bought her first house this year, but she also got engaged to her fiance, Eric!  
  • Her favorite pizza toppings are mushrooms and peppers from O’Scugnizzo Pizzeria. 
  • The nature trails at SUNY POLY are her favorite place to go in the area. “They are short enough to do a quick walk after work and a special place in my heart as I’ve been bringing my dog there weekly since I brought him home 4 years ago,” says Carli.  
  • Her favorite community event is Saranac Thursday. “Great local music, awesome local beer, and supports a great local cause.”
  • Carli’s hobbies include being active and anything that makes you move. Hiking, strength training, and exploring with her dog are some of her favorites.  
  • She has two black cats, named Jade and Luna who are 7 years old, a rescued German shepherd/ lab named Rogue, and a new addition, a golden retriever puppy named Moose.  
  • Carli has a diverse taste in music – she enjoys anything from the Beatles to Cardi B!  

Would She Rather?  

We asked Carli some “Would you rather” questions, and here’s how she answered: 

  • She would rather have a golden voice than a silver tongue.  
  • She would rather watch the movie than read the book.  
  • She would rather time travel than freeze time. 
  • She would rather be able to fly for one day than be completely invisible. 
  • She would rather live on the beach than in a cabin in the woods.