Strategic Investments

United Way of the Mohawk Valley is committed to investing in programs that result in positive impacts through collaborative, high-quality partnerships with local agencies. United Way supports strategic investments that positively impact health, education, or financial stability.

United Way of the Mohawk Valley's application process is now OPEN!

A new, 22-month funding cycle will begin September 1, 2021, and fund program activities through June 30, 2023. Any non-profit 501c3, government agency, or faith-based organization will be able to apply for the next funding cycle.

The deadline for submissions is July 23, 2021, at 4:00 PM.

Current Funded Programs:

If the program you are seeking funding for is currently receiving UWMV money complete and submit the application here. The application questions can be viewed here.

Other Programs:

If the program you are seeking funding for is not currently receiving United Way MV Funding complete and submit the application here. The application questions can be viewed here.

Please note:

  • Log-ins and passwords are required for you to access these documents. This application platform will save your application periodically when you are actively working on it, but will NOT save and allow you to return and complete once it is closed or has timed out from inactivity.
  • The application platform auto calculates and prefills some fields based on the answers you provide early in the application.
  • Once complete, please hit the green SUBMIT button that follows the final question in the application.
To be added to the list to receive Strategic Investment application notifications please contact Betty-Joan Beaudry at

Roots and Shoots: A new way for United Way + local agency partnership

We are announcing two tracks for a funding period from September 2021 to June 2023. This new process will create the bandwidth to advance an even more significant community impact with our funded partners. 


'Roots' applications provide stable program funding for programs with an established record of performance that do not foresee the need to innovate collaboratively with United Way MV over the next funding cycle period.

The 'Roots' application will become available on June 21, 2021. Agencies looking to maintain or add the security of United Way MV funding to their program’s revenue but who want only to receive the funding and submit the outcome reporting required can apply by completing a Roots grant application.


'Shoots' applicants will be a small group of grantee partners who are committed to working with United Way MV to identify a shared bold goal. Greater community outcomes are achieved by reducing not-for-profit silos, embracing shared goals, and increasing meaningful dialogue between funder and programs.

Agencies interested in innovating collaboratively with United Way MV around a specific goal would apply through our Shoots grant application. In addition to funding, one or more of United Way MV’s assets would also be leveraged (ie. our role as a community convener, our comfort with employing technology solutions, leveraging a United Way MV initiative such as 211 or the Volunteers United platform.)

'Shoots' applicants may choose to submit a 'Roots' application with a work plan that does not reflect a tighter collaborative relationship to United Way MV as well.

The first step for 'Roots' applications is to schedule a meeting in June or July 2021. Interested agencies are invited to schedule a conversation with United Way MV. During these meetings the partner agency and United Way MV will share:

  1. each organization’s key strategic goals
  2. secured assets that will aid goal achievement
  3. best estimates of what supports will be needed
  4. acknowledgment of existing obstacles
  5. identification of other partners/agency alliances that might contribute

Click here to view calendar availability and select a time to meet to discuss your 'Shoots' grant application ideas. All meetings will be conducted via Zoom. (Meetings not required for 'Roots' grant applications.)

Questions? Contact Betty-Joan Beaudry at