Volunteers make a difference.

When you volunteer - an hour, a day, once a week, or once a month - you can tremendously impact another person’s life.
Volunteering will change your own life as well.

If you are interested in volunteering, signing up for our newsletter here is the best way to stay current on volunteer needs.

Company Group Volunteering

When your employees volunteer through United Way, you can feel confident the time and talent they give are helping build a stronger community.

Volunteering as part of a company effort is a win-win! It will improve your employee's morale, retention, and productivity. Plus, it will build brand awareness and show that your company cares about our community.

Engage your company and employees in the biggest volunteer day in the Mohawk Valley! Learn more about United Way MV's Day of Action. 

Non-Profit Agencies

Volunteers are an important part of a non-profit's impact. Individuals who volunteer with a non-profit are more likely to continue to engage and donate to support their mission. Be a part of the Mohawk Valley's biggest volunteer day!

Learn more about hosting a volunteer opportunity on our annual Day of Action