Meet Jennifer Hagen: Development Coordinator

Meet Jennifer!  

Jenn began her career with United Way MV in September 2020, and while she has only been on UW staff for a short time, her journey with United Way began many years ago! She volunteered as an Employee Campaign Coordinator under another organization, served on the Campaign Cabinet, and helped with various fundraising events. Jenn says “Joining the UWMV team is an exciting opportunity to take my love for our community to the next level. I've only been here for a short time, but it already feels like ‘home.’” 

United Way is a leading problem solver, innovator, and connector in the Mohawk Valley. Jenn considers herself a “connector”, as she has loved connecting with and sharing the amazing work that United Way does with those she’s met over the years in the community. “I look forward to finding my way to becoming an innovator and problem solver in my new role here. I'm a people person and love learning about the Mohawk Valley so this is the perfect role for me. I'm excited for this journey!” says Jenn. 

When asked why she likes to work for United Way, Jenn says “I've always wanted to give back or find ways to do something for our community, but never knew where to start. United Way MV has helped educate and guide me to the needs most important to our area.” Jenn is a 2014 graduate of Leadership Mohawk Valley and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Center for Leadership Excellence. She also spent 15 years working in the finance industry prior to joining a non-profit. Jenn spent 3 years working a non-profit before joining United Way staff, but has been a committed volunteer for over 10 years. 

Now, Jenn is busy helping the Resource Development team at United Way run workplace campaigns for over 100 companies and leads the Emerging Leaders United (ELU) affinity group. Her biggest projects with ELU this month are coordinating the Hygiene Drive, which runs from October 1st – October 31st, and planning the 7th annual Channel Your Flannel, taking place between November 1st and November 15th

Some fun facts about Jenn are: 

  • Jenn was born, raised, went to school and has worked here in the Mohawk Valley. She loves the people here and everything the Mohawk Valley has to offer. 
  • Her favorite local pizza place is O’Scugnizzo, and often treats any out-of-town visitors to one of their delicious pizzas.
  • Jenn’s favorite half-moons are from Holland Farms. 
  • She is a big hockey fan and grew up attending Utica Devils games. She’s happy to have it back again! 
  • The Boilermaker is her favorite community event. She says, “It's incredible to see the local businesses, volunteers etc., come together for such an amazing event and weekend that shines a light on the Mohawk Valley both nationally and internationally.”’
  • Jenn and her husband are die-hard NY Mets fans, and named their dog, Shea, after their love for the Mets. She calls Shea the “million-dollar pound puppy” because she is so spoiled. 
  • If she won the lottery, Jenn would make some anonymous donations, pay off mortgages for family, travel the world, and “probably adopt 10 more dogs.” 
  • Jenn visited Italy in 2020, and has a rosary blessed by Pope Francis. She keeps it with her always. 
  • She loves to travel, and so far, her favorite places she’s visited include Barcelona, Dubai, and San Diego. South Africa is on her bucket list to visit soon. 
  • She’s been to more concerts than she can count, and it spans anywhere between the Backstreet Boys and Slipknot. Her favorite concert experience has to be Post Malone, where she was able to hang out with him backstage after a show in Philadelphia for a few hours!

Would She Rather? 

We asked Jenn some “Would you rather” questions, and here’s how she answered:

She would rather be invisible for one day than be able to fly.  

She would rather live on a beach than a cabin in the woods.  

She would rather see 10 minutes into her own future, than into the future of anyone else. 

She’d rather read the book than watch the movie.   

If she had to choose between a donkey and giraffe for a mode of transportation, she would pick a donkey. 

She’d rather teleport anywhere than be able to read minds.