Meet Carlee Doxtator: Family School Navigator, Frankfort Schuyler & CVA

Meet Carlee!  

Carlee began her career with United Way MV in February 2020, after spending 9+ years in nonprofit work at various agencies in the Mohawk Valley. Carlee has an Associate Degree in Human Services and is currently finishing up her Bachelor’s in Social Work. She has worked as a domestic violence advocate in the past and now works as the Family School Navigator for Frankfort-Schuyler and CVA School Districts, as part of United Way MV's R4K (Ready for Kindergarten) Initiative. Most recently, R4K released their 2020 Kindergarten Transition Summit packets and a FREE virtual learning opportunity, that provides resources for parents and early childhood professionals, in place of their usual in-person event. 

United Way is a leading problem solver, innovator, and connector in the Mohawk Valley. Carlee considers herself a “connector.” Carlee says “As a Family School Navigator, I help students and their families get the connections they need to mental health services, educational needs, and basic needs.” She loves working with people, especially children, and helping them achieve their goals makes her job worthwhile. She’s worked in customer service, the food industry, and factory work, but none of them gave her satisfaction. “I have always wanted to work with people and help people in need. So, I have decided to dedicate my life to do just that, helping others. This is my purpose in life. As Mark Twain stated, "The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why", says Carlee. 

When asked what her favorite thing is about her career, Carlee says “Working with such a wonderful, supporting, and caring staff at both United Way and Frankfort-Schuyler School. I love working with my team(s) and of course, working with the little ones!” 

She was born and raised in Herkimer and knows Herkimer County like the back of her hand. “I know the families, the businesses, the schools, and the services this area has to provide. I am proud to be serving my hometown community.”

Some fun facts about Carlee are: 

  • In addition to her degrees in social work and human services, Carlee has an Associate Degree in Massage Therapy. 
  • Her favorite United Way event is 100 Women Who Care 
  • The highlight of her year was starting her job at United Way, and being able to spend weekends at camp with her family. 
  • Carlee’s grandparents are her heroes. She says “I hope to be half the people they are one day. They are the kindest, hardworking, and loving people I know. I feel so incredibly lucky to have them.”
  • Ireland is #1 on Carlee’s bucket list. 
  • She’s a huge country music fan and her favorite musician is Luke Combs.

Would She Rather? 

We asked Carlee some “Would you rather” questions, and here’s how she answered:

  • She would rather have a golden voice than a silver tongue.
  • She would rather be able to talk to land animals than those that fly or live in the water. 
  • She would rather never have to stand in line again than have every traffic light turn green. 
  • She would rather live in an RV than on a sailboat. 
  • She would rather see into the future of anyone else than into her own future. 
  • She would rather have unlimited airline tickets than never have to pay for food at restaurants.