United Way Launches New Volunteer Platform: VOLUNTEERS UNITED

United Way Powers a New Way to Volunteer in the Mohawk Valley

August 20, 2020 - Mohawk Valley, NY- United Way and other local non-profits are powered by and always recruiting volunteers. Community members and local businesses contact United Way daily seeking volunteer opportunities. United Way of the Mohawk Valley is transforming the way individuals and organizations match with opportunities to volunteer by launching a brand-new, cloud-based platform, VOLUNTEERS UNITED.

“Our Volunteers United platform is the perfect way to help individuals and nonprofit agencies connect to fulfill the volunteer needs of our community,” said Erin Gutierrez Matt, United Way MV CEO. “This innovative tool will create efficiencies in the volunteer process across the board, building greater capacity for our region.”

VOLUNTEERS UNITED, powered by United Way of the Mohawk Valley and sponsored by BME and Hummel’s Office Plus, is an easy-to-use site for non-profits to list volunteer projects at no cost to them. This platform will build capacity and drive efficiency for local non-profits as they look to connect with volunteers.

The site offers community members, or organizations looking to volunteer, one centralized location to quickly search for opportunities. VOLUNTEERS UNITED will alert volunteers of new opportunities based on their self-identified interests and favorite non-profits. Tracking volunteer time has also never been easier as the site enables volunteers and non-profits to export reports and create volunteer resumes.

“Business Machines & Equipment along with Hummel’s Office Plus is excited to partner with the United Way on this great solution - Volunteers United,” said Steve Mitchell, BME Vice President of Sales and Development. “This endeavor is a great resource for our local community.”

“BME and Hummel’s have embraced in our mission a focus on our employees giving back to our local community with their time, talents, and treasures,” stated Justin Hummel, Hummel’s Office Plus, CEO. “We are looking forward to all our non-profit organizations getting blessed through this platform.”

VOLUNTEERS UNITED is a valuable solution to the community at large. Non-profits are offered an easy, streamlined way to market volunteer opportunities. Individuals can search for ways to give back that fit their needs. Schools, community groups, non-profit agencies and local businesses can easily create teams to track and meet their goals of engagement and giving back to the community.

Nonprofits, volunteers, businesses and groups can visit United Way’s website to access guides, get answers to frequently asked questions or learn more about the benefits of VOLUNTEERS UNITED at www.unitedwaymv.org/volunteer.


To jump right into the platform and start matching volunteers and opportunities visit www.volunteersunitedmv.org