Give a little to make a big impact. ORGANIZED LABOR and United Way.

AFL-CIO Community Services

AFL-CIO Community Services started decades ago with labor’s desire to help union members and serve their communities. AFL-CIO unions are now committed partnerships in our communities with United Way. Labor believes in and supports the United Way focus on health, education, financial stability and basic needs — the building blocks for a good quality of life.

Give. Advocate. Volunteer.

Millions of union members participate with United Way by donating generously to the annual United Way Campaign, by advocating with United Way for local, state and national policies that benefit working families, and by volunteering at every level to provide assistance to workers and their families.

Community Services Network

200 full-time liaisons and labor agencies link their state and local labor councils with local United Ways in communities across the country. Inspired and creative, liaisons coordinate services for those suffering from natural disasters, financial hardship, illness, joblessness, mortgage foreclosure and other difficulties. Liaisons also coordinate volunteers with projects that help young children enter school better prepared to succeed, families to build brighter, more financially stable futures, and opportunities for communities and individuals to improve health and receive effective health care that improves quality of life.
For information about local agency, Central New York Labor Council, visit or call 315–735–6101.